Monday, December 10, 2007

Inmate ill? Dead? Dying? Who knows?

I received another e-mail just a few minutes ago (Monday morning) from the woman whose husband was taken to Parkland Friday. See my previous, Dec 7 posting for details.

After three days, she still doesn't know where he is, or how is is. Here's her e-mail - husband's name has been deleted:

"I got a call from someone named Mr. Jones at Parkland Jail Health late Friday. He explained that my husband hadn't signed a release of information so he couldn't tell me much. This didn't make sense as when I called Parkland, they said that this release is one of the first documents a patient signs.

However, he did say that XXXXX was not acutely ill, as the Parkland care coordinator would have contacted me if he was. But then for all we know the Parkland care coordinator took the day off, or is simply overworked like the rest of us. We all know what Parkland is like and what the facilities have to cope with.

Calling that June person, the care coordinator, was another waste of time, but I did it anyway. At least I wasn't told "if I didn't like the way we're treating your husband, why don't you bail him?" like I was told a couple of months ago.

I put a call in to the attorney this morning. Hopefully he can find XXXXX."

Damn, I better tell James to fill in as many legal releases as he can get his hands on.

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